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End of year notes

It’s the time of the year when the farm is fairly quiet. We are hunkered down for the winter and are feeding hay to keep all the animals fit until the pastures can once again provide. We are of course toward the end of the year and obviously grass is in short supply. However, its not the cold weather and short days that are solely responsible for the shortage of forage, it’s as much or more to do with our lack of rain. If we were getting typical amounts of precipitation, coupled with the mild temperatures we’ve been having, the hay would still be stored in the barn … helping to achieve that goal of year-round grazing with little need for hay.

Our layers (chickens) seem to also be taking the winter off as our egg production has fallen way down to about 1/4 of what we have seen at times during the year. This poor egg production is not totally unexpected as chickens typically go through a “molt” at some point during the year where they shed their old feathers and gain new ones. Also, fewer daylight hours contribute to less egg production, although we have added light to their sleeping quarters in order to provide some light before they are released into the pasture each morning … the “artificial light” is supposed increase egg production… we will see.

As for what I am planning for the new year, growing vegetables this spring is still and idea that’s “up in the air” … lots of time and resources go in to making that a success …. I’ll just have to gauge interest. I have some other ideas for possible farm “enterprises” but again, we’ll have to see if resources allow them. And, as always, feel free to make suggestions.

To all who have bought from us during the year we are truly thankful.

Thanks to all for taking the time to read,

Hope you have a peaceful and joyous holiday,



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